Your Fairy Garden

The Fairy Godmother Society

A society of children that are united with their belief in the fantasy world of fairies. The fairy Godmother encourages their imaginations through the delivery of gifts.

Each month they will  receive a gift from the FGM that will compliment the theme of their garden. There is also a plan to accommodate birthdays and special occasions.

They are presented in a way that keeps the children involved with their own fairy gardens. The first step is to select a fairy house and plan that will fulfill the excitement intended for your child. The house will be delivered or mailed to the child from the Fairy Godmother.

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The Fairy Godmother

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I’m so pleased that your interest in fairies has led you to my world! I was introduced to the world of fairies by my dear friend Sherrie in a time almost forgotten. I have fashioned countless fairy houses, gardens and accessories since that time. My desire to share this with the world was inspired by a little girl in my neighborhood, Mollie. As I create a new piece I secretly put it in her garden by her mailbox. Always, as I am walking my dogs she asks me to stop and see what the fairies have given her. It has become my desire to share this with the world so that all young souls can enjoy the enchantment and wonder of childhood and carry that through their lives to pass on.


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Monthly plans are found below!

A Surprise from The Fairy Godmother this month!

A Surprise from the Fairy Godmother every month for 3 months.

A Surprise from The Fairy Godmother every month for six months!

A Surprise from The Fairy Godmother every month for one year!